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Passionate Leaders. Expert Contributors.


CAMI’s Co-Executive Directors are leaders in the innovative aviation ecosystem. Joining their expertise are a panel of expert contributors with a wide range of highly respected industry involvement. Meet us below:

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Co Executive Director

Yolanka Wulff, J.D.

Yolanka is an experienced Executive and Program Director with mission-driven organizations. With an excellent ability to create and execute on a strategic vision, solve problems creatively, mediate stakeholder differences collaboratively, and communicate effectively. She is a leader and a bridge builder with a passion for the human effort to make our world sustainable.


University of Washington
Juris Doctor, 1994

University of Washington
Certificate in Sustainable Transportation, 2020

Whitman College
BA Biology, 1979

Selected Experience

• Sustainable Aviation Consultant since 2010
• Nonprofit and Business Attorney and Consultant since 2004
• CAFE Foundation Electric Aircraft Symposium Lead since 2016
• Communications and Public Affairs for Ampaire
• Actively involved in UAM industry committees and standards work
• Business Development for Community Seattle
• Executive Director, Washington Water Trust
• Executive Director, Bainbridge Island Land Trust


Co Executive Director

Anna Mracek Dietrich

In 2006, Anna co-founded Terrafugia, a company that invented a flying car, with the goal of making personal aviation more accessible. After stepping down from the founding Chief Operating Officer role in 2014, she has become an industry-recognized leader in the urban air mobility (UAM), electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and innovative personal aviation industries as the principal at AMD Consulting. She is an expert in policy, certification, and government relations in the aviation industry, as well as start-up company operations, and generally solving complex problems in unique ways while inspiring innovation within a sustainable framework.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SM Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2006

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SB Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2004

University of Massachusetts, Boston
McCormick Graduate School of Public Policy and Global Studies Certificate, 2015

Selected Experience

• Vice Chair ASTM F44 Committee on General Aviation
• Industry leader in Autonomy and eVTOL standards
• Chair, General Aviation Manufacturers Assoc. EVTOL Committee
• House Science Committee UAM testimony, 2018
• TED Global Speaker
• Engineering experience with GE Aviation and Boeing
• Director, Women in Aviation International (WAI)
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Expert Contributors


Rex J. Alexander, Five-Alpha LLC

Rex J. Alexander, Five-Alpha LLC

Rex Alexander

With forty years’ experience in aviation, Rex is the founder and president of Five-Alpha LLC, a globally recognized aeronautical consultancy specialized in helicopter and vertical flight infrastructure development, safety, training, and education. Five-Alpha works closely with a wide variety of stakeholders to help them make more informed decisions and better understand this challenging segment of the transportation industry. Rex is a rotary and fixed wing pilot as well as an airframe and powerplant technician.

Selected Experience & Education:

  • Vertical Flight Society’s Infrastructure Adviser

  • Transportation Safety Institute Platform Instructor

  • ASTM Vertiport Standards Developer

  • NFPA-418 Standard for Heliports Committee Member

  • US Helicopter Safety Team Infrastructure Working Group

  • Past President of the National EMS Pilots Association

  • Past President of the Indiana Assoc of Air Medical Services

  • Parks College of Aviation, St. Louis University: BS Aviation Management, 1985

  • US Army: Warrant Officer Course (1986), Aeroscout Aviators Course (1987), Aeroscout Instructors Course (1990)


Alexandra Hall,

Alexandra Hall,

Alexandra Hall

Alex is an experienced and inspiring organizational leader, networker and problem solver with a deep understanding of business and aviation operations and innovation stakeholders (including community groups, local government). She is adept at understanding the role played by incentive mechanisms, assessing future landscapes and markets, and deriving best path analysis for change and/or implementation of new ideas and technologies.

Selected Experience & Education:

  • Kitty Hawk Cora, Head of Product, Program Director Kitty Hawk Flyer, Head of Operations

  • Uber Technologies Inc, Program Consultant, Uber Elevate

  • Senior Director, Google Lunar XPRIZE

  • Co-Founder and CEO - Airship Ventures (importing a Zeppelin airship and operating it across the US)

  • School Board Member, Ioma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School District

  • University of Leicester: BSc (Hons) Physics with Astrophysics, 1993



Peter Shannon, Radius Capital

Peter Shannon, Radius Capital

Peter Shannon

Peter is an investor focused on advanced aerial mobility and its application toward positive impact for transportation across the economy. As an active participant in this community, Peter is defining a national vision for advanced aerial mobility and roadmap of recommendations through a committee appointed by the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine. Peter also serves as an appointee to NASA’s Aeronautics Research and Technology Roundtable and is an investor or adviser to companies and industry groups in the sector.

Selected Experience & Education:

  • Investor in transportation and sustainability technologies:

    • Radius Capital, Managing Director

    • Firelake Capital, Managing Director

    • Atlas Venture, Principal

  • Active Private Pilot with Instrument Rating since the age of 19

  • University of Chicago Booth School of Business: MBA (HHons), 2005

  • University of Virginia: BS Systems Engineering (w Distinction), 1997



Darrell Swanson, Swanson Aviation Consultancy

Darrell Swanson, Swanson Aviation Consultancy

Darrell Swanson

Darrell established Swanson Aviation Consultancy to explore the infrastructure requirements of electric aircraft including fixed wing and eVTOL.  Darrell has established himself as a subject matter expert regarding electric aviation and how it will lead to a future of distributed aviation.  His research on electric propulsion describes a disruptive change in the regional aviation market were a new class of operator - electric Low Cost Carriers (eLCCs) will be able to operate on routes traditionally thought to be unviable and supplemented by eVTOL operations.  Darrell has over 20 years’ experience in airport masterplanning, capital planning, acquisition due diligence, aerodrome safeguarding as well as operating an airport in Africa.

 Selected Experience & Education: 

  • Adviser to the Vertical Flight Society on Infrastructure

  • Adviser to the ADS UAM Group UK on Infrastructure

  • Sustainable Aviation Adviser to the British Aviation Group

  • Airport acquisition capital investment advice on over 50 acquisitions

  • Airport masterplanning of several greenfield airports

  • MBA Cass Business School

  • MSc Airport Planning & Design Loughborough University

  • Dip Airport Management and Operation Georgian College


Parker Vascik, BlueSky Consulting, MIT

Parker Vascik, BlueSky Consulting, MIT

Parker Vascik

Since 2015, Parker has worked with MIT and NASA to evaluate the operational barriers that will impact the deployment of urban air mobility (UAM) and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in our cities. His Ph.D. dissertation introduces strategies to support manufacturers, operators, regulators, and municipal governments to develop ground infrastructure, air traffic control (ATC), and market estimates for UAM. Parker is engaged in developing technical and policy solutions to bring the benefits of complex systems to society in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Selected Experience & Education:

  • Author of over 15 technical publications

  • Engineering experience with NASA, Rolls-Royce, and Dresser-Rand

  • Expert nominated by the United States to ICAO CAEP Working Group 4

  • Technical and strategy consulting for industry and government

  • Georgia Institute of Technology: BS Aerospace Engineering

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MS Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2017

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MS Technology and Policy, 2017

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: PhD Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2019

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