Supporting the responsible integration of the third dimension at the state and local level with education and community engagement.



As technology and the Civil Aviation Authority-level regulatory landscape develops, the need for local advocacy and community and public education in support of urban air mobility (UAM) is becoming more acute. While other organizations provide federal-level advocacy, the success of the industry will hinge on air mobility being embraced by local communities, cities, states, and the general public. CAMI is the link to the local level, providing education and resources to the public, decision makers, and the media. We are here to help people and communities take to the skies.


Member organizations support the widespread adoption of personal aviation as a solution to the transportation challenges faced by individuals and communities. While Members need not be aircraft manufacturers or operators, each Member must prioritize safety, bring credibility to the consortium, and have a demonstrated desire to be a good neighbor within their community. Membership is tiered to allow levels of support and influence that are accessible to a variety of organizations.

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