Community Air Mobility Initiative


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Introduction to CAMI


So much of our modern life is shaped by how we get around yet we rarely notice how much transportation influences our world. From where we live, to the air we breathe, to the business we conduct, to the loved ones we visit, to how we use our land, to the lessons we teach our children, our transportation options have an outsized influence on the structure and quality of our lives. Each new technological innovation in transportation–from wheels and horses to cars and jet planes–has driven change across all aspects of our society, and caused social changes along the way.

Today, with societal and environmental problems in search of a solution and the value of our time ever increasing, another transportation revolution is taking shape. While our cities have grown ever more three dimensional, our transportation options within them have remained stubbornly flat. The result is wasted time, negative health impacts, and harmful pollution. Integrating a new generation of aircraft–and thus that untapped third dimension–into our daily transportation solutions promises to be the latest revolution in how we all get around. But what is it, how does it all work, and how do we do implement it in a way that benefits everyone in our communities? And how do we know that this new technology, this new “urban air mobility” or UAM, will be safe, clean, quiet, and truly useful?

We’ve started the Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI) to help our neighbors, communities, and state and local decision makers answer these questions and the many others that naturally come up when the possibility of doing something completely different is on the horizon. Made up of a wide variety of stakeholders in this new industry and supported by many of the world’s leading experts in this space, CAMI’s mission is to provide the resources needed to understand this new technology and how to make it work for all of us. We’ll be building educational materials to explain the jargon and the tech, offering insight into what’s needed to make the most of that tech, and helping the people that have dedicated their careers to their communities make the best possible decisions for the people they serve.

We invite you to join the conversation as we take to the skies and create a future in which we all can soar.